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      Enhanced Learning Management System with Ext JS

Harbinger selected Ext JS as the framework of choice to provide better learning experience to employees and better usability to business unit managers of a diversified company with over 100,000 employees.

      Online Networking Solution for Sports Enthusiasts

A rich social networking application that goes the whole nine yards, including blogs, forums, RSS feeds, Google maps, polls and profile pages for sports enthusiasts from various walks of life.

      Socially Assisted Trip Planner

A trip planning website that uses custom content management framework to facilitate authoring and publishing of content remotely, this website uses the best of rich internet technologies to provide a one-stop, intuitive and extremely easy to use trip planner.

      Web2.0 Brochure

Harbinger’s Web 2.0 practice provides software development and testing services for the rich user interface and collaboration needs of enterprise businesses and social web communities.

    Intelligent resource management and scheduling system for blended learning

A web-based resource management and online scheduling system that enables administrators to schedule classes and manage resources such as Instructors, Students, Equipment and Classrooms.

    Collaboration tool integration with Lotus Notes

A multi-threaded, COM-based Lotus Notes Add-in that brought a collaboration system into the user’s email client, enabling them to schedule events and send invitations for their collaboration events.

  Software Product Development
    Performance Testing a SaaS Enterprise Product

An online employee benefits administration product goes from serving a modest capacity user-base to a magnitude that now reads in thousands and millions, enabling this customer to strike big-ticket deals.

    HR workflow applications framework

A customizable employee-HR workflow framework that enables administrators to add HR-related workflow applications to their employee benefits portal with no programming.

    Employee benefits content authoring and publishing

A scalable benefits content authoring and publishing product that used role-based access to benefits experts, carrier companies and HR managers and enabled them to publish benefits fast.

    Eligibility rules for insurance e-Commerce portal

An e-Business application that computerizes eligibility workflow through a flexible, rule-based engine requiring no programming, this application enables quick authoring and implementation in the face of changing eligibility policies and regulations.

  Systems Development
    Data driven testing for OS API

An innovative API testing project for a leading Operating System vendor that involved a combination of white-box testing after a phase of parameterized analysis of API, boundary-value analysis and development of a data-driven test harness.

    Device driver compatibility testing

Our customer, a leading Operating System vendor, needed to generate compatibility impact data for third party device drivers for devices across various device categories with an upcoming version of their operating system with a customer-centric usage view...

    Developing an extensible MMC conformance test program for multimedia devices

Our customer, a leading Operating System vendor, wanted to write a hardware compatibility test program which could help test compatibility of different multimedia devices like CD/DVD ROM / RAM / +-R/RW, with their different operating systems...

  Offline Player
    Offline player

The client is a global healthcare organization specializing in pharmaceuticals and over-the-counter products, with a sale of over $20 billion. The organization has more than 44,000 employees worldwide, who needed product knowledge of many products and had to keep abreast of changing market requirements...


The Offline Player from Harbinger Systems provides enterprises with a seamless and highly secure way to deliver access to existing training content without need for continuous Internet connectivity...

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